Our Team

Cristan Raz


Cristan is a hardworking, well connected lady with a huge heart. Cristan takes each new project at hand and really dives in to be successful in everything she does. She is exceedingly organized and articulate. Cristan brings her 20+ years as a project manger in the hospitality industry to bear on every endeavor. When she gets involved in a project, there is no room for failure. She really gives it her all and force forward.

Cristan has personally seen the benefits of running and especially loves to be able to offer that opportunity to others, as well as, contribute to special causes.

Cristan has been running since 2010

Cristan is excited to be working with such a strong group of locals on the St. Augustine United Foundation.p of locals on the St. Augustine United Foundation.

Jim Raz

(Vice president)

Jim sees the immediacy of the needs of many of our neighbors and is thrilled to work with St. Augustine United to provide help.

Jim has been a long-time runner and has always been impressed with the wholesome atmosphere of community that occurs at every race. He sees the Feel the Love 5k as an excellent way for runners to enjoy a good time while knowing that their contributions are going toward a decent local cause.

Alice Brooky


Alice has been a member of the St Augustine community for 8 years. She brings 20+ years of accounting experience to the foundation. She has been doing strength training for the past 6 years and started running 5ks a year and half ago with her daughter. Alice has been married to her husband, Dave, for 36 years and is a grandmother to three boys.

Alice is excited to be involved in this project and have an impact on others.

Audrey Mazzotta

(Vice President)

Audrey Mazzotta has 14 years experience working in education both as a teacher and in the non-profit sector. She currently works as a High School Social Studies teacher. She moved to St. Augustine 3 years ago with her husband and two children and is passionate about the community she lives in.

TJ Mazzotta

(Vice President)

T.J. Mazzotta is a proud Air Force Veteran serving both overseas and stateside including a tour in Afghanistan. He has both an Associates in Applied Sciences as well as an LPN degree. He has over 20 years experience in customer service. He enjoys playing music and spending time with his wife and twin boys.

Diana M. Folino

(Community Liaison)

In September 2016, I became the first recipient to be blessed with the loving support and prayers from those involved in Feel the Love 5k & St. Augustine United, Inc. I was truly touched by how the Community of St. Augustine & surrounding areas stepped up to help to support the funding of my Heart Transplant & on-going medical costs. In August 2017, my prayers were answered and I was able to receive a new heart. This simply would be impossible if it wasn’t for all the love and support from family, friends, & such an amazing community… And now it’s my turn to give back in any way that I can for those that are in need – just as I was not too long ago! I am extremely excited about being a part of Feel the Love 5k – St. Augustine United, Inc. and look forward to helping such a wonderful community!

Kristen Billyer

(Community Outreach Coordinator)

If there is a race within a 100 mile radius, Kristen will run it.

Kristen is a local business owner and is excited to be working with Saint Augustine United. Having experience working with Girls on the Run, The Betty Griffin House and The Salvation Army, Kristen is grateful for the opportunity to help our community and contribute to such a worthy cause.

When not running or minding her shop, Kristen is a (novice) yoga enthusiast and enjoys meandering down St. George Street.

Ariel Barish


My name is Ariel and I’m a junior sociology major at Flagler College. In the past I have volunteered at organizations to help homeless families get back on their feet and I’m excited to work with St. Augustine United and help out the local St. Augustine community.